About Us

Eco Packaging is an eco-friendly packaging supplier located in Sabah, Malaysia. Our packaging products are made from corn, sugarcane, or other annually renewable resources. By providing a biodegradable packaging solution, we're able to bring a positive impact to our environment and build our globe a better living place. 

We provide an extensive selection of eco-packaging products for clients across the F&B and hospitality industry. Types of eco packaging are sugarcane bowls and plates, paper cup tray, wooden cutleries, pizza box, rice straw and take away food packaging.   

We also provide custom print service on quick and cost-effective for bulk orders, durable & high-quality prints packaging.


Our Mission

Our Vision
To be the Leading and Most Influential packaging supplier in Malaysia

Why choose us?
1. Wide range of Eco-Friendly Food Packaging Products 
2. Custom Print Packaging 
3. Serve more than 500 Restaurant/Cafe/Hotel in Sabah

How to contact us?

For further inquiries, feel free to contact us through support@bhpacks.com or +60178321110, we'll get back to you within 24 hours.